Draw 93 Winner – Supporting a cause close to the heart

After receiving the surprising phone call that B.D was our first prize winner, he never expected to win $20,000 cash.

“I couldn’t believe it at first…I was very surprised as I bought a ticket to support the charity not even thinking that of winning something. It’s great..my wife had been asking me to go overseas for a holiday with our two young kids, so after I let her know of the win she was delighted to know that the dream was going to come true. My sister was born very premature and attended the ‘spastic centre’ for years of rehabilitation. Our parents were initially told that she could struggle physically, however her determination and all the efforts made by the caring people at your organisation made all the difference. She now has 4 kids, very active and no one would ever know of the challenges and work done when she was growing up.”

What would you do with $20,000 cash? Get your tickets today and the decision could be yours to make!

Draw 92 Winner – Our generous John

Our Draw 92 Winner, John from Albury, has been a long time supporter of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Raffles, always buying tickets in our draws to support the work of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, without giving too much thought to the prize on offer. Therefore, when we phoned John at home to let him know of his win, his wife relayed the message “Yes, please put us down for more raffle tickets”!

After hearing the unexpected news that he was in fact our first prize winner with his winning ticket number 57975, John and his wife put the kettle on, and had a cuppa while they discussed which prize option to take, a brand new car or $20,000 cash? John and his wife opted to take the $20,000 so they could share the prize with their children and some charities.

What would you do with $20,000 cash? Get your tickets today and the decision could be yours to make!

Draw 89 Winner – The lucky ticket bought out of support

Our Draw 89 winner Adrienne bought her winning Cerebral Palsy Alliance raffle ticket on a whim whilst visiting Sydney from Victoria. When we phoned her immediately after her ticket number was drawn, she was equal parts shocked and confused as she couldn’t recall purchasing the ticket! When we filled her in on her prize options, Adrienne was overwhelmed and we gave her the weekend to think about her first prize choice – $20,000 cash or a luxury getaway to Hamilton Island’s qualia resort + $15,000 cash. Which did she choose?

Read her story below to find out:

“I purchased the ticket from the Woolworths shopping mall at Coogee Beach early one morning while up in Sydney attending the William Inglis horse sales. It is always hard to say no when someone approaches you to help support something like Cerebral Palsy. So, I purchased a ticket!

When I received your phone call on Friday I was totally shocked when you told me I had won as I never win raffles and to be honest I had completely forgotten about the ticket! My husband and I were thrilled but still can’t believe it.

We decided to take the money as it will certainly help our future plans. At this stage I am just going to leave it in the bank until we are ready to buy that little property we have dreamed about over the years.”

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Draw 88 Winner – Master of her own luck

When we called Ms M from NSW to tell her she was the first prize winner of Cerebral Palsy Alliance Draw 88 she was ecstatic and shocked to say the least! She was now stuck with the enviable decision of a brand new Mazda 3 Neo or $20,000 cash as her prize. After thinking it over, our lucky winner opted to take the $20,000 cash.

Here is her story:

“I was at home studying on the day that I bought my ticket. As I am doing a Masters Degree, university is a big part of my life. I purchased the ticket as I thought it was a great chance to give something back to the community, and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance do so much for people living with Cerebral Palsy and their families. I also would love to work with an organisation such as the Cerebral Palsy Alliance one day, so buying a ticket got me thinking of my future.

When I received the phone call, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe something like this could happen to me! The $20,000 has made a great impact on my life, I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity! The $20,000 means that I am able to save for my future, including saving towards a first home, which I would never have dreamed of doing. I would also like to give back to the community, and use the money to help disadvantaged groups in the local community.”

Your support of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance raffle could mean that you could be our next winner! Get your tickets today!